Property Inspection

Learn the intimate details of your next home.

We understand the stress of buying a home. Our experienced, friendly inspectors take great pride in relieving your stress by meticulously inspecting your home. Our inspection reports are comprehensive and we're always available to answer questions. Rest assured, you will become intimate with your new home, but most importantly, confident in taking the next step.

Our Inspection Process

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Gain a solid understanding of the overall condition of the exterior including the cladding, doors, windows, decks, walkways and driveways. Most importantly, our inspection identifies areas of concern, including cracking, damage, rot, grading and potential moisture penetration.


A trained and unbiased assessment of the condition of the roof condition is vital. Our multi-point roof inspection will provide you with a clear picture of actual condition of the roof because nobody wants a leaky roof!


Our inspectors identify potential structural issues including the foundation and framing, and signs of cracking, bowing and damage. Don't let unnoticed crack joists, pocket rot, foundation cracking, floor sag or bowing walls go unnoticed.

Interior Spaces

Our inspection software ensures every interior space is rigorously inspected and nothing is overlooked. We pay extra close attention to the ceilings, walls, floors and windows for signs of moisture intrusion, damage and cracking. Defects and safety issues are clearly documented to ensure you know what needs to be repaired and when!


Proper assessment of the electrical inspection is crucial to your family's safety, so we methodically inspect each major electrical component. A detailed multi-point inspection is performed at the service drop, service cables, main and all sub panels. Additionally, all accessible wiring, switches, receptacles and lights are inspected. And we'll provide safety and upgrade advice to protect your home and family.


Plumbing issues can be expensive and are often overlooked by homeowners so a home inspection by an inexperienced inspector could end up costing you thousands.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Your home inspector will confirm if your home's heating and cooling systems are operating safely and efficiently. And you'll understand how each system operates, along with recommended maintenance.


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