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Call us to set a date and time for your inspection. We need to be provided with all your general personal information and house details to get started.

Property Inspection

A certified and qualified inspector would asses the condition of the property on the agreed date, in accordance of the service you chose

Inspection Reports

Our inspector would provide you with a full formal easy to read report, which includes photos, findings and description of the job and suggested repairs.

Pricing will be adjusted to homes larger than 1,500 sqft and outside Dade County.

Property Inspection

During this inspection, the inspector entails a comprehensive evaluation of Roof, Exterior, Basement, Foundation, Crawl Space, Structure, Heating , Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Place, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Door, Windows, and interior.
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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Our inspector would check and determine if your house is reinforced and secured against strong winds and impact. Wind mitigation is the implementation of certain building techniques in order to limit damage caused by intense wind.


4 Point Inspection

This inspection is the valuation of your plumbing, electrical, roofing, and HVAC systems.


Property Inspection + Insurance Package

Our inspection package includes a combination of the general inspection and insurance inspection at a discounted price.
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